Airless Sprayers for Protective Coating Applications

    Simple Maintenance

    with removable valve cover and easy access to poppet valves.

    Sprayers require simple maintenance – we’ve made it easy. A factory installed toolbox contains common items that every applicator should have on the job site. Contents include throat seal liquid, air filter element, tool for poppet and air valve, pump filter cap O-rings, pump filter element, spare tip and gun filter. The box also includes storage space for your Graco XTR™ Spray Gun.

    Reduced Icing Potential

    by up to 70% with thermally isolated poppets.

    Thermally isolated poppets* are insulated from motor castings that can often drop below freezing temperatures. The newly designed poppets and external pilot lines virtually eliminate pilot valve freezing that can result in an instant stop. The components are easily accessed for service or replacement if needed.

    *Thermally isolated poppets used on XL 3400 and XL 6500 motors only.

    Less Pulsation

    due to smoother changeover and no pressure drops, resulting in a better finish!

    With 145% higher intake/exhaust capacity in the air valve compared to NXT™ motors you’ll achieve a faster, smoother changeover. The faster the air gets out, the faster the pressure comes back. Eliminating the “wink” in your pattern – it is a difference you will feel.

    Improved Sealing and Strength

    with enhanced edge loading and seven throat packings instead of five.

    MaxLife™ pumps are designed for the most demanding jobs, providing unmatched durability and life.

    • Exclusive MaxLife™ sleeve rod
    • Lasts up to 6-times longer
    • Long-life ceramic balls for maximum versatility no matter what you’re spraying (optional kit)
    • Standard 2-line outlet

    Multi-Gun Capabilities

    With more powerful and efficient changeovers, the ability to spray with up to six guns* is now a reality.

    * Depending on material, hose and tip size.

    Graco’s powerful new air motor lets you use multiple guns with almost no perceivable pulsation. A new manifold has been designed to simplify the installation of multiple guns.

    Ordering Information

    Graco King airless sprayers are built with your needs in mind.
    Depending on your job requirements – Graco has you covered.

    Use the matrix below to create your part number.
    Not all combinations are available, contact your Graco Distributor for part number availability

    King Heavy-Fluid, high pressure spray packages use XL10000 motor
    Designed for gravity feed materials, with high viscosity and filled, requiring a filter-less pump lower for less plugging. Packages include 10 gal (38 L) SST
    hopper, no fluid filter, 3/4 in outlet check valve, 3/4 in x 50 ft (15 m) hose, 1/2 in x 25 ft (7.6 m) whip and XHF spray gun with 429 tip.
    24X593 King XL70-290 Heavy-fluid* spray package
    24X594 King XL80-250 Heavy-fluid* spray package
    *Heavy-fluid materials vary and should be tested with a qualified distributor. Material should be pourable and self-levelling

    King Airless Sprayers Brochure


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