Printing Press Oil Lubrication Systems

    Features & Benefits

    • Automatic lubrication provides the right amount of lubricant at the right time for optimum reliability.
    • Reduce friction and wear and protect bearing journals.
    • Continuous delivery of lubricant maintains a hydro-dyamic lubricant film which reduces friction.
    • Optional monitoring for blockage or leakage available for every bearing. Detect problems before critical bearings are affected.

    • A precisely controlled discharge of oil is delivered to each point while the machine is in operation.
    • The system provides a clean film of oil between critical bearing surfaces to keep friction and wear to a minimum. Box ways and seal wiper life are extended and production efficiency is maintained.
    • Original Bijur mechanical pumps can be upgraded to all electric SureFire II pumps for more precise lubrication, reduced oil consumption and maintenance.
    • Electric SureFire II pumps use an integral timer/control or can be operated and
    monitored by the existing PLC.


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